Everything you need to know about Hebel PowerFloor

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Are you curious about a floor structure that combines durability, quick installation, excellent thermal and acoustic properties, and is perfect for various floor coverings like carpet, tiles, or timber wall coverings? Your search ends with the remarkable Hebel PowerFloor system. This exceptional flooring solution comprises 75mm thick steel-reinforced masonry panels with a tongue and groove design. These panels can be effortlessly installed over steel or timber joists, resulting in a high-quality, incredibly resilient, and solid concrete floor that withstands the test of time. 

Let’s explore the advantages of Hebel PowerFloor and compare them to other premium and standard flooring systems available in Australia. 

What is Hebel PowerFloor?

Hebel PowerFloor is a premium lightweight flooring solution constructed with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). This superior product features a robust 75mm steel-reinforced mesh embedded with a corrosion-resistant coating, ensuring remarkable durability, longevity, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and a substantial concrete-like sensation, all at a cost-effective price.

What size are Hebel PowerFloor panels?

Product   Measurements 
Hebel PowerFloor Hebel PowerFloor panels 1800mm x 600mm x 75mm.
Hebel PowerFloor Panel thickness 75mm
Hebel PowerFloor Panel width 600mm
Hebel PowerFloor Panel length 1800mm
Hebel PowerFloor Panel weight 64kg/m2

Where can Hebel PowerFloor be installed?

Hebel PowerFloor is a versatile flooring system that can be easily installed on timber or steel joists The Hebel PowerFloor System serves as an excellent foundation for various floor coverings including ceramic tiles, carpets, timber boards and floorboards, or as a direct application on the topping slab. Hebel PowerFloor is a solid and reliable choice for a whole range of applications within residential houses, low-rise buildings, multi-residential floors, as well as commercial and industrial structures. It can even be used outdoors for decks and balconies! 

Hebel Powerfloor can be installed on  Hebel Powerfloor can be installed in 
Ceramic tiles, carpets, timber boards and floorboards, or as a direct application on the topping slab. Residential houses, low-rise buildings, multi-residential floors, as well as commercial and industrial structures

What types of Hebel PowerFloor Systems are available?

There are two types of Hebel PowerFloor systems available, depending on your needs and preferences: 

PowerFloor: Designed for residential floors, including houses, low-rise multi-residential buildings, and decks, PowerFloor serves as the standard system. It can span up to 5.85m without requiring floor framing or joists, making it particularly suitable for open-plan designs. Additionally, it can be custom-made to the desired length, resulting in reduced wastage and cutting. 

PowerFloor+: Tailored for commercial floors, such as apartments, offices, and retail spaces, PowerFloor+ stands as the premium system. It boasts an impressive span capacity of up to 8m without the need for floor framing or joists, maximizing floor space and optimizing design efficiency. Furthermore, PowerFloor+ exhibits superior load-bearing capacity and acoustic performance compared to PowerFloor. 

Hebel Flooring Costs

The cost of Hebel PowerFloor can vary from $105 – $135m2 plus G.S.T. 

The cost of Hebel PowerFloor depends on several factors such as the size of the project, location, supplier, and any additional materials or services required for installation. It is best to contact us directly to get accurate and up-to-date pricing information for your specific needs.  

Hebel First Floor vs Concrete Slab First Floor 

A Concrete Slab first floor is typically more expensive than a Hebel Powerfloor. A Concrete slab floor costs $350m2+ a square meter providing the homeowner with similar performance characteristics regarding sound transfer from movement, insulation and more. 

How thick is Hebel PowerFloor?

Hebel PowerFloor offers a solid flooring system with a thickness of 75mm, providing exceptional performance and durability at a significantly lower cost. The thickness of Hebel PowerFloor ensures a sturdy and robust foundation for your flooring needs making it an ideal choice for a wide range of projects, including residential houses, commercial buildings, and industrial structures. 

The streamlined installation process simplifies and accelerates the construction timeline allowing for swift and efficient installation, minimising project delays and disruptions. Whilst the lightweight 75mm thickness panels reduce the overall construction expenses, including transportation and labour costs, without compromising on performance or longevity. 

With Hebel PowerFloor, you can experience a hassle-free and time-efficient, cost-effective, solid and reliable flooring system with superior performance making it a compelling choice for a wide range of applications, providing you with a durable and aesthetically pleasing flooring solution. 

What is the average weight of Hebel PowerFloor?

The average weight of a Hebel PowerFloor panel typically averages up to 64kg/m2, with a self-weight on the sub-floor structure of 52kg/m2.  

However, it’s important to note that the actual weight of Hebel PowerFloor may vary depending on the specific thickness and dimensions of the panels. These variations allow for flexibility in selecting the most suitable Hebel PowerFloor panels for your project, considering both structural requirements and ease of handling during installation. 

As a lightweight flooring system, Hebel PowerFloor offers the advantage of reduced weight compared to traditional concrete floors. The lightweight nature of Hebel PowerFloor not only simplifies the installation process but also has a positive impact on overall construction costs. The reduced weight allows for easier transportation, handling, and installation, contributing to a more efficient and cost-effective construction process. 

To get precise weight specifications for your specific project requirements, it is recommended to consult with the manufacturer or supplier of Hebel PowerFloor. They can provide you with detailed information based on the specific thickness and dimensions of the panels you intend to use. 

How long does Hebel PowerFloor installation take?

The best part is that the Hebel PowerFloor System is that it only takes one day to install on an average-sized double-storey home with the expertise of a skilled Hebel installer and costs ⅓ of the price of a suspended concrete slab without compromising a solid concrete feel. With its remarkable efficiency, each Hebel PowerFloor panel has the power to replace the requirement for 75 traditional bricks, significantly reducing construction times and expediting the construction process, delivering swift results and allowing you to enjoy your finished space sooner. 

Benefits of Hebel PowerFloor

Hebel PowerFloor offers a range of impressive benefits that sets it apart as a top flooring choice. Firstly, Hebel PowerFloor is an eco-friendly option, contributing to sustainable building practices. It excels at minimizing noise transfer between floors, ensuring a peaceful living environment. Additionally, it boasts excellent energy efficiency, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs. One of the standout features of Hebel PowerFloor is its exceptional durability. Unlike traditional flooring materials, it does not squeak, bounce, flex, or warp, ensuring a solid and stable surface. It is also resistant to rot, fire, and termites, providing peace of mind and longevity.  

With Hebel PowerFloor, you get the best of both worlds. It offers the strength and toughness of traditional masonry while retaining the solidity and reliability of concrete flooring. Hebel PowerFloor combines sustainability, performance, versatility, and durability. 

Let’s break down the benefits of Hebel PowerFloor in detail: 

 1. Hebel PowerFloor is solid and strong:  

Hebel PowerFloor’s Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (ACC) containing an anti-corrosion steel reinforcement is solid and strong delivering high performance, maximum strength, durability and resilience. While Hebel PowerFloor may be lightweight, it is no ‘lightweight’ when it comes to construction.   

2. Hebel PowerFloor has a fantastic acoustic performance:  

Hebel PowerFloor enhances the tranquillity of space minimising noise transmission between rooms and floors and eliminates the bothersome squeaks and bounces commonly associated with particleboard flooring. 

3. Hebel PowerFloor has an outstanding thermal performance:  

Hebel has exceptional thermal insulation properties, Hebel PowerFloor keeps your space comfortably warm during winter and pleasantly cool in summer by reducing the reliance on air conditioning or heating units, which helps you save money on energy bills. Some cool benefits and hot savings indeed! 

 4. Hebel PowerFloor exhibits remarkable fire resistance 

Hebel PowerFloor is a solid choice with a huge variety of benefits. In fact, Fire retardant is just one important benefit of a lightweight building material such as Hebel PowerFloor. It boasts fire ratings of up to 3 hours without relying on ceiling systems and effectively forms a complete fire seal between panels, preventing the spread of flames and smoke. Hebel PowerFloor achieves a high BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating and has been tested by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) to meet and exceed the six BAL categories. This ensures Hebel is an ideal building material for bushfire-prone zones with termite-resistant, non-combustible and fire-resistant properties. 

5. Installation of Hebel PowerFloor is a breeze  

Hebel PowerFloor is a great building product to work with allowing easy handling and quick installation. Hebel Powerfloor is lightweight, flexible and easy to cut and requires less propping and curing time during installation compared to traditional concrete floors allowing fast construction. As one large Hebel panel is equivalent to 75 traditional bricks, it’s perfect for fast construction without sacrificing quality. Hebel doesn’t cut corners but makes it easier to cut holes and chases for electrical and plumbing lines, cutting the time and effort for faster construction. Furthermore, it provides a level and smooth surface, perfect for various floor coverings such as timber strips, carpets, or tiles. 

6. Hebel PowerFloor for an Eco-friendly choice 

 Hebel PowerFloor is manufactured using natural and recyclable raw materials, significantly reducing its environmental impact. It possesses low embodied energy and generates minimal waste compared to other flooring systems. It is more economical and efficient compared to poured concrete or a traditional rendered finish, making it an environmentally friendly product. Made in Australia, it is an environmentally smart choice to help combat Australia’s wild climate. Hebel goes one step further by recycling both the waste generated in the manufacturing process and even the steam it produces. 

Hebel is a great option for both your pockets and the environment – and for good reason! With over 30 years of testing, developing, manufacturing and perfecting you are guaranteed high-quality Hebel building products and systems. It goes without saying their fire resistance, soundproofing and thermal efficiency are a strong choice for fast and quality construction throughout Australia. 

7. Hebel PowerFloor can save you money!  

Now, let’s delve into the aspect of affordability. Hebel emerges as a budget-friendly option for those seeking to minimize construction expenses, utility bills, and maintenance costs. Once again, the notion of a single standard Hebel panel being equivalent to 75 traditional bricks comes into play, and here’s why: it expedites the building and installation process. A faster and simpler construction 

8. Hebel PowerFloor is low maintenance  

Hebel PowerFloor is a low-maintenance flooring system that requires minimal care and attention.  

Unlike brick flooring, Hebel PowerFloor does not feature weep holes, which can serve as entry points for pests like cockroaches, mice, or wasps.  

The question of whether Hebel requires more or less maintenance than brick has been a topic of debate, as both options possess their own advantages and disadvantages.  

However, to ensure its optimal performance and longevity, you should follow these tips:  

  1. Minimise exposure of the panels to excessive moisture or water, as this can lead to swelling, cracking, or the growth of mould. Should the panels become wet, promptly dry them to prevent damage.
  2. Refrain from placing heavy or sharp objects directly on the panels, as this can cause dents, scratches, or chips. Utilise protective pads or mats underneath furniture or appliances to safeguard the panels.
  3. Avoid drilling, cutting, or making modifications as this may affect their structural integrity and fire resistance. If you need to make any alterations, consult a professional installer or engineer.
  4. Regularly clean the panels using a damp cloth or mop and employ mild detergent if necessary. Avoid abrasive cleaners or solvents, as they can harm the surface of the panels.

Hebel PowerFloor vs standard flooring systems available in Australia.

Powerfloor vs. Particle Board

Particle Board flooring is a widely used, cost-effective floor sheeting option in Australia, commonly employed in residential construction. It consists of a 19mm thick board made from compressed timber and resin. Despite its popularity, Particle Board flooring comes with several drawbacks. When exposed to water, it tends to warp rendering the tiling process nearly impossible, and over time generally starts to creak and squeak, rendering the tiling process nearly impossible. 

What’s more, the installation of Particle Board flooring can result in an uneven “step” due to a difference in thickness between dry and wet areas. Wet areas also require a 30mm screed for tile bedding.  

Hebel PowerFloor does not have these limitations and is a perfect solution for bridging the gap between wet and dry sections 

PowerFloor vs. Suspended Concrete Slab

A suspended concrete slab is also a premium floor system, but its price tag makes it a total budget buster. The main disadvantages of concreting are that it takes a lot of time to set and is labour-intensive and messy, which means it’s not an efficient or cost-effective option for flooring.  

When using a suspended concrete slab, you must also ensure the rest of your building structure needs is fully engineered to properly support its excessive weight. In the residential building industry, a suspended concrete slab is completely inefficient and a costly overkill.   

In contrast, the Hebel PowerFloor system is easily integrated into the existing structure and only requires minimal reinforcement. The best part is that the Hebel PowerFloor System is that it only takes one day to install on an average-sized double-storey home and costs one-third of the price of a suspended concrete slab without compromising a solid concrete feel.  

Overall, Hebel PowerFloor is an excellent alternative to suspended concrete slabs and standard particle board flooring and is proving to be an amazing upgrade that many builders are now offering.  

In comparison, the 75mm Hebel PowerFloor system is a superior system for multiple reasons. Hebel is an Autoclaved Aerated Concrete flooring product making it thermally and acoustically superior to standard particle board flooring. It doesn’t warp or rot and it is termite resistant. You’ll also benefit from its extra steel reinforcing, which ensures great durability and strength This material definitely outperforms particle board flooring by a long shot. The feeling of stepping onto a Hebel PowerFloor versus particle board is extremely satisfying and the solid feel is undeniable. It almost feels like walking on a suspended concrete floor.

Is Hebel PowerFloor worth it?

Hebel provides a seamless and expedited installation process significantly reducing house construction time, and effectively cutting down construction time significantly which cuts down the expense of tradies. Hebel lacks weep holes, offering superior protection against pests and moisture infiltration. 

Hebel stands as an eco-friendly premium building material that excels in energy efficiency, flexibility, and high performance. Its exceptional soundproofing capabilities and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal choice. Hebel is a modern and innovative flooring solution that can save you time, hassle and money. It is a great modern-day solution that aligns well with today’s eco-conscious world of construction and construction market trends. To us, it is no surprise Hebel is fast taking over from traditional methods, it is one of the most innovative products on the market. 

Where can I buy Hebel PowerFloor?

You can buy Hebel PowerFloor from a range of suppliers across Australia You can find your nearest supplier by visiting the Hebel website (https://hebel.com.au) and using the system selector tool. 

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