Empowering others to achieve

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You may have seen this statement on our website. Empowering others is a purpose I live by and use as my guide in everything that I do.

Empowering people is important to me, and a very big part of what I do each day is being a role model, giving people the skills and confidence to help them reach their full potential. My desire is to create a better world for everyone whose lives are touched by Empower Construction’s products and services.

Empower means making someone stronger and more confident.

​I find that the word ‘empower’ is often taken lightly, but for me it has significant meaning. Empower means making someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. It means increasing the capacity of individuals and groups, so that they have the confidence to make their own choices and plans.

I’m extremely lucky to share his philosophy with my beautiful wife Julia, who is not only my life partner but also my business partner, and Ryan & Juliatogether we’ve worked really hard to build up a successful and ethical business.

7 Years ago, we started our business from my small car, but we quickly outgrew that and now we are employing 35 people. There are so many families that we are close to, it is a great feeling. I love working with Julia, as we make a great team. I have many great ideas, but Julia always asks me to clarify and helps me to get things done.

If you work hard and you want something, you’ll be able to achieve it

We are very focused on putting all the right systems in place so that the business is not dependent on us, because eventually we want to use Empower Construction as a vehicle to reach our higher goal, which is to help underprivileged youth in Western Sydney. We want to show young people that if you work hard and you want something, you can achieve it, no matter where you are from.

Our goal is already underway through giving young people between 16-25 for the opportunity to work at Empower Construction and to learn new skills. We have such a strong and positive culture and with the right support, we can truly make a difference to young people.

We are also implementing a prisoner’s work release program, to help people get their lives back on track. We are very comfortable with employing these people and are very open about this with our clients. We believe that if people make a mistake, they should be given a second chance.

One of my greatest inspirations is my first cousin in South Africa. He was a person that nobody expected anything of and this made him very strong and determined. He started washing cars in the neighbourhood and nowadays he runs the second biggest cleaning company in South Africa. During this process from nobody to successful businessmen, my cousin has stayed the same person; always friendly, always looking for the best in people and always bringing joy to everyone around him. And on top of this, he is very humble.

Inspired by the positive impacts Empowering youth can have, we are planning the launch of Empowering Communities later this year. Empowering Communities is a youth outreach organisation founded by the board of directors of Empower Construction. Its focus is to unite the community, and to connect young people with the opportunities available to them through various programs plus some more that we’ll develop along the way. Stay tuned for more news later.

Every new day is an opportunity to make a positive difference

Another big inspiration for us is our faith. That’s what gets us through everything and we start each day with a bible reading. Every new day is an opportunity to make a positive difference. We get inspired and motivated by what we are doing, the growth we are having, how many lives we are effecting, the changes we are making in the industry and the great lightweight construction products that we have.

Exercise also plays a big part in my life and the Empower Construction Team have participated in the ‘Corporate Fight’ fitness events in the last year. It is all about challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone. It is a good reflection of how hard life can be and how hard you have to train if you want something. It is not about winning, but it is about the mutual respect for the other participants. It was a great experience for the Empower team.

Always make sure you work for a purpose and not for the money

My tip for living an Empowered life is to believe in yourself, follow your dreams and be confident that you can achieve anything, as long as you put your mind to it. Work hard and have faith. Always make sure you work for a purpose and not for the money. The purpose will always outweigh the money.

​Ryan Steyn, Founder – Empower Construction

Article by Julia Sampo

February 2, 2018

Julia has over 10 years of experience across the marketing field in the construction industry. Her passions include design, building innovation, as well as travel, and the culinary arts.

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