What are Intertenancy Walls?

How to install PowerPanel 50?

Party walls or intertenancy walls are a great external wall cladding option for creating separate living spaces in a shared building. Depending on the design and construction, party walls can also have different levels of performance and durability. As external wall specialists, we know a thing or two about intertenancy and party walls. We are proud […]

What are The Different Types of Cladding?


External wall cladding plays an important role in the overall aesthetics of your home. Not only this, but it also protects your home from the harsh extremes of the Australian weather, enhancing thermal and sound insulation. With the number of cladding options on the market, including Hebel, brick, timber, weatherboard, natural stone, metal, and concrete, […]

Everything you need to know about Hebel PowerFloor

Are you curious about a floor structure that combines durability, quick installation, excellent thermal and acoustic properties, and is perfect for various floor coverings like carpet, tiles, or timber wall coverings? Your search ends with the remarkable Hebel PowerFloor system. This exceptional flooring solution comprises 75mm thick steel-reinforced masonry panels with a tongue and groove design. […]

Hebel: The Complete Guide  

If you’re new to the construction industry, you may not have heard about Hebel. As expert Hebel installers in Sydney, our favourite go-to for our building projects is Hebel and for good reason too.   What is Hebel? Hebel is a strong, versatile and high-performance autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC for short) that comes in panel or […]

Standard Operating Procedure – Covid 19 Pandemic

STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE – COVID19 PANDEMIC PURPOSE This document provides an outline for how Empower Construction will respond to the current COVID19 pandemic and how it will comply with government regulations and work with clients to ensure that the workplace remains as safe as possible and put in place stringent measures to halt the spread […]

Project Remediate

Issues surrounding non-compliant cladding have made headlines across the globe over the passed few years. It’s great to finally see the provision of interest free loans and a program to coordinate remedial works and support Owners Corporations affected by dodgy cladding on their strata buildings.

Get Inoculated Now!

Empower Construction can cure your workforce and project management headaches, saving you valuable time and money by providing your one-stop external wall package shop! We can provide: Timber and steel frame installation Supply and installation of all types of lightweight wall cladding Supply and installation of Hebel party walls Supply and installation of render coated […]

A new addition

Our Founding Director, Ryan Steyn, his wife, Julia and daughter, Zara have welcomed a new addition to the family. Ezekiel Roby Steyn was born at 2:46pm on the 4th of November 2020, weighing a healthy 4kgs! Here are some pictures of the bouncing baby boy.

Accessible Safety Training

Accessible Safety Training Regular training in safety and building techniques go hand in hand at Empower Construction. In September we held a training day at our warehouse and product testing centre to verify the competency of employees and subcontractors as the Person in Charge of operating the Hebel Hoist. Under the guidance of our own […]