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Empower Construction are the solid choice in lightweight cladding, with more than 10 years experience advising on, managing, supplying and installing all types of external cladding, facades and finishes.​ ​​As independent specialists, Empower Construction works with a range of leading suppliers of construction materials. We have a thorough understanding of the characteristics and performance capability of each product and can advise on the best choice or mix of products to deliver the outcome you’re seeking.


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We provide a high quality range of customisable architecrual moulds to suit all architectural styles and design trends. Some of the reputable brands we supply and install include Aerostone, Unitex, Dulux branded.


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We are the solid choice in lightweight cladding, rendering, painting & more!

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A type of non-structural panel installed on a steel or timber frame. Often made of innovative materials, this cladding generally provides outstanding fire retardant, insulative and aesthetic properties.

Many people within the industry may never have heard of Hebel and want to know what is Hebel. Hebel is a strong and versatile high-performance building product made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC for short) from CSR Hebel. Hebel can be used as a building material for a number of applications including houses, apartments and commercial buildings. It offers superb thermal insulation, fire resistance and acoustic comfort for the cold of Aussie winters and the heights of our summers.

Hebel can be used for walls, floors, fences, and more. More info: https://hebel.com.au/about/

Hebel provides outstanding results compared to traditional building products, When incorporated into a residential build, Hebel not only provides design versatility but achieves high BAL and acoustic ratings as well as achieving energy efficiencies for the homeowner. 

Empower Construction has over 15 years of experience managing lightweight building projects for its clients across the East Coast of Australia. We are award-winning industry experts when it comes to Hebel installation, rendering, painting & more. Our knowledge and experience enable us to provide outstanding results for our clients while meeting timeframe and budgetary requirements.

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With our years of experience and a diverse portfolio of successful projects, builders, we are at the top of the list for builders and architects when it comes to exceeding construction project objectives – we are the solid choice in lightweight cladding.