What are Intertenancy Walls?

How to install PowerPanel 50?

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Party walls or intertenancy walls are a great external wall cladding option for creating separate living spaces in a shared building. Depending on the design and construction, party walls can also have different levels of performance and durability. As external wall specialists, we know a thing or two about intertenancy and party walls. We are proud to have been constructing, designing, installing, and advising people and businesses all over NSW for over 20 years. We hope this guide will help you on your way to finding the best solution for your project.

What are Intertenancy Walls?

An intertenancy wall, also known as a ‘Separating wall’, is a wall that is shared between individual dwellings such as adjoining Class 1 buildings, townhouses, terraces and apartments. The primary purpose of an Intertenancy Wall is to create a barrier between the two adjoining premises to prevent the spread of fire from one dwelling to another. With Intertenancy walls the fire is contained within that one unit that prevents it from spreading further.

The Building Code of Australia requires a high standard for the fire performance of building materials used to construct walls, floors and ceilings. Fire-rated Intertenancy walls are necessary for compliance with these standards and to provide adequate fire protection.

What are the benefits of Intertenancy Walls?

The benefits of intertenancy walls include:

  • Fire compliance:Intertenancy walls are fast and easy to install with simple system components that meet national fire-rating requirements.
  • Privacy:Intertenancy walls ensure privacy between adjacent units.
  • Strong and solid system.
  • A simple acoustic compliance solution:They help prevent the transmission of sound, ensuring that noise from one unit does not disturb neighbours.
  • Insulation:Some intertenancy walls are constructed with insulation, helping regulate temperature.
  • Maximised design efficiency, minimised wall space
  • Cost Reduction and speed of construction.
  • Long-term Value:Intertenancy walls reduce the risk associated with the property, delivering lasting value to both homeowners and builders.

How are Intertenancy Walls Constructed?

Intertenancy Walls are typically constructed with a double-width frame. A fire barrier is usually placed between this frame made with a central element made from a special plasterboard, interlocking steel or concrete panel system, that is usually finished with plasterboard on either side.

What is the purpose of a party wall?

The purpose of a party wall is to create a barrier between tenants sharing a multi-unit residential or commercial property, typically guided by local or state laws. These structures are established through a mutual agreement among all relevant parties. Not only do party walls minimise noise transmission and ensure privacy, but they also offer protection from external elements while providing structural support to the building’s walls and floors. They are commonly found as dividing walls between terraced or semi-detached houses, or as boundary walls between adjoining gardens.

What’s the difference between a party wall and a boundary wall?

Whilst often used interchangeably the terms “Party Wall” and “Boundary Wall” there are some differences between a party wall and a boundary wall. The main difference is that a boundary wall is situated on the land of one owner, including its piers and marks extent of the property. Whereas, a party wall is typically built on or astride a boundary wall.

What is the 3m rule for a party wall?

The 3-meter rule is for instances where you intend to excavate deeper than 3 meters or propose the construction of buildings and structures within a 3-meter distance from any part of an adjoining owner’s property. Due to the 3m rules, you are required to give written notice and the adjoining neighbours must offer written consent before any work can commence.

How thick does a party wall have to be?

According to the Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) Provisions of the NCC, a party wall is required to have a minimum thickness of 90mm. Compliance with the NCC and the associated Australian Standards is absolutely mandatory when building a party wall in Australia. Generally, constructing a party wall involves adhering to three specific Standards; achieving Fire Resistance Levels (FRL), ensuring sufficient acoustic separation, and, when necessary, maintaining a form of discontinuous construction.

Types of materials used for Intertenancy walls

The types of materials commonly used for intertenancy walls include:

  • Double stud timber framing with an internal lining of fire-rated plasterboard.
  • Double stud timber or steel framing with non-fire-rated internal linings and an inner fire-rated Shaftliner.
  • Staged wall solutions that allow progressive construction of attached dwellings.
  • Brick or a single thickness of lath and plaster(older homes)
  • And last but definitely not least- Hebel.

Why choose Hebel for your Intertenancy Wall?

Hebel is a strong, versatile and high-performance autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC for short) that comes in panel or block form. Manufactured by CSR Hebel in Australia, the benefits of Hebel are vast including quick installation, energy efficiency, risk minimisation, high performance and sustainability values, making them the perfect choice for intertenancy walls.

  1. Hebel is the only manufacturer of AAC in Australia. It is proven, scientifically tested and trusted by leading builders.

CSR is the only AAC manufacturer in Australia, with a solid track record and unmated technical expertise throughout 25 years dedicated to testing, refining, and manufacturing AAC. You can rest you will receive an exceptional internal wall system, with their commitment to excellence, performance and reliability.

  1. Fire-resistant

    The PowerPanel50 Intertenancy, PowerPanelXL and Dual Zero Boundary Wall Systems are non-combustible and make National Construction Code compliance fire rating compliance simple and easy.

    Hebel PowerPanel50 Intertenancy and PowerPanelXL are Codemark-certified internal loadbearing systems that are tested by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) and achieve:

    • A high BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating, exceeding the six Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) categories.
    • Fire Resistance Levels (FRLs) from 60 minutes through to 240
    • Minimal fire sealant points
    • An FRL of 90/90/90.
    • Fire rate to National Construction Code compliance.

      With Hebel Intertenancy walls there is no need for fire-rated plasterboard between floor levels at joists and in roof space, which means minimal onsite cutting and wastage making the construction process quicker, easier and more cost-efficient. This makes it an ideal building material for bushfire-prone zones with termite-resistant, non-combustible, and fire-resistant properties.


  1. Hebel is Solid and strong

    Don’t let their lightweight name fool you! Hebel lightweight intertenancy walls are exceptionally strong and contain an anti-corrosion steel reinforcement that is solid and strong delivering high performance, maximum strength, durability and resilience. The internal steel-reinforced lining of the PowerPanel Intertenancy wall system provides a solid feel, and peace of mind with strength and security you can trust, compared to plasterboard systems and stud walls that can be easily penetrated and are less secure.


  1. Thermal efficiency

    Hebel panels achieve high energy efficiencies for homeowners. They use high thermal mass stores, which reduces energy usage over time. Hebel panels are excellent insulators, keeping homes cool in the height of the Australian summer and warm in the cool of winter. These great thermal efficiencies help you reduce utility bills by relying less on air conditioning or heating units, which in turn is also better for the environment. Some cool benefits and hot savings indeed!


  1. Noise reduction & insulation

    Hebel PowerPanel50 and PowerPanelXL are not only great for improving thermal efficiency but also offer excellent soundproofing and acoustic insulation properties.

    In an era where multi-residential projects are on the rise, the potential for increased noise transfer between walls and floors grows.

    When you combine Hebel Power Intertenancy walls with Hebel Powerfloor, you get a solid flooring and intertenancy wall solution that effectively minimises noise transference between adjacent neighbouring rooms and levels. This system not only adds a layer of fire resistance but can even be installed under timber, carpet or tiles and accommodates various finishing options.

    The impressive soundproofing capabilities of Hebel intertenancy walls are a result of their construction and higher R-rating.

    Hebel Intertenancy walls are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications including dual occupancy developments and double-storey home builds. It is a fantastic solution for properties located near busy motorways, offering a practical solution to mitigate traffic noise.

  1. Environmentally friendly

    Hebel intertenancy walls are made from readily available recyclable raw materials and are economical compared to poured concrete or a traditional rendered finish making it an environmentally friendly product. In fact, independent testing shows Hebel Intertenancy walls are a more green, suitable and sustainable option when compared to brick or concrete, highlighting:

    • 30% lower environmental impact than concrete or brick,
    • Over 60% less embodied energy, and
    • Produced with at least 55% less greenhouse emissions.

      Made in Australia, it is an environmentally smart choice to help combat Australia’s wild climate. Hebel goes one step further by recycling both the waste generated in the manufacturing process and even the steam it produces.

      Hebel intertenancy walls are a great option for both your pockets and the environment – and for good reason!

      With over 30 years of testing, developing, manufacturing and perfecting you are guaranteed high-quality intertenancy wall systems. It goes without saying their fire resistance, soundproofing, and thermal efficiency are a strong choice for fast and quality construction throughout Australia.

  1. Narrow wall width

    PowerPanel50 and PowerPanelXL are narrow intertenancy wall systems starting at 230mm wide, which means you get a solid and secure wall whilst maximising floor space. Hebel Intertenancy walls are ideal for Townhouse & Torrens Title and for developers needing dual zero boundary walls.

    They are a cost-effective and fast solution that adds value where it counts.

  1. Fast Construction, simple and easy to install 

    Unlike other types of party wall systems, Hebel PowerPanel50 and PowerPanelXL offer exceptional lightweight, flexibility, and ease of cutting. Here’s why:

    • Hebel can be conveniently cut on-siteusing standard tools, simplifying the process of creating openings (cutting holes and chases) for electrical and plumbing lines, cutting the time and effort for faster construction.
    • With Hebel party walls they are no H-tracks, an overwhelming collection of screws and fixings or different types of liners and sheets to order and manoeuvre on-site.
    • Hebel eliminates the need for fire-rated plasterboardbetween floor levels or in the roof space or a myriad of fire-sealant points.
    • Fast and easy to installwith simple system components, saving valuable time during construction.
    • Unaffected by wet conditions.Hebel remains unaffected by wet conditions or damp conditions. Even when exposed to rain, Hebel panels dry out swiftly and do not retain excessive moisture that can cause mould or warping and affect the integrity of other party wall systems.
  1. Hebel doesn’t cut corners with durability but does construction costs.

    A high-quality building material Hebel intertenancy walls provide a great solution with minimal onsite wastage, and easy handling allowing for reduced time, quick installation and a speedy construction process which is why it is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of builders and developers Australia-wide and for good reason!Don’t just take our word for it.Here is what builders and carpenters think about the Hebel PowerPanel50 Intertenancy Wall System

    • Proven in the Australian market, backed by CSR and loved by Builders everywhere. Hebel intertenancy walls are proven in the market and backed by CSR Building Products Limited, a leading name in AAC and building products in Australia, with 25 years in the business you can depend on CSR to provide quality, warranty and expertise that is present throughout all of Hebel’s products and systems.

What are the different Hebel intertenancy walls?

Hebel offers 2 main intertenancy wall systems: The Hebel PowerPanelXL and Hebel PowerPanel 50

Hebel PowerPanel XL

Hebel PowerPanel XL

What is Hebel PowerPanel XL?

Hebel PowerPanel XL is a very strong Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (ACC) building material made from a mixture of natural materials such as cement, sand, lime, and gypsum. Hebel PowerPanel XL has a 77m thick high-performance and anti-corrosion reinforcement inner layer for added strength, resilience and maximum durability. Hebel PowerPanel XL is available in a variety of sizes and lengths 3000 × 600 × 75 mm with a coverage of 1.80 m2 and a Panel Weight of 77.4 kg.

How to install Hebel PowerPanel XL?

Hebel PowerPanel XL is fixed vertically and secured to the horizontal structural loadbearing framing.

How to install Hebel PowerPanel XL?

Can I use Hebel PowerPanel XL as an intertenancy wall?

Yes, Hebel PowerPanel XL can be used for intertenancy walls, corridor walls, shaft walls, services walls and balcony blades and can be installed in apartments, commercial or industrial buildings and high-rise facades.

Why choose Hebel PowerPanel XL for your intertenancy floors?

Hebel Power flooring is eco-friendly, minimises noise transference between floors and is energy efficient. Hebel PowerFloor XL systems are a great choice for first floors and suspended ground floors and an excellent high-performance building material. They are a great investment and are lightweight, cost-effective, extremely versatile and easy to install.

What’s more, it is both fire and termite-resistant and as solid and tough as bricks.

Hebel PowerPanel 50

Hebel PowerPanel 50

What is Hebel PowerPanel 50?

Hebel PowerPanel 50 is a very strong Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (ACC) building material that has a 50mm thick, steel-reinforced and anti-corrosive inner layer. Hebel PowerPanel is 50mm thick and 600mm wide. It is available in many lengths including 2400mm, 2550mm, 2700mm, 2850mm and 3000mm. Hebel PowerPanel 50 is a fantastic solution for fast solid walls, it is simple and easy to install.

How to install PowerPanel 50?

Hebel PowerFloor 50 is fixed vertically and secured to Hebel’s patented perforated TopHat sections attached to horizontal structural a steel or timber loadbearing frame. Panels can be applied directly to the steel framing without the cost or need for an additional thermal break.

How to install PowerPanel 50?

Can I use Hebel PowerPanel 50 as an intertenancy wall?

Yes, Hebel PowerPanel 50 is a fantastic choice for intertenancy/party walls and can be used for dual zero boundary walls and external walls on low-rise multi-residential projects. They can be installed as corridor walls, shaft walls, services walls within apartments, commercial or industrial buildings and high-rise facades.

Why choose Hebel PowerPanel 50 for your intertenancy floors?

Hebel PowerPanel50 stands out as an exceptional intertenancy flooring system, offering superior fire protection and enhanced living comfort by effectively reducing noise transmission between floors. This versatile, cost-effective, and energy-efficient solution is easy to install and represents an outstanding choice for high-performance building materials.

In comparison to other intertenancy floors, Hebel PowerPanel50, along with all other Hebel products, consistently delivers superior qualities and benefits.

Summing it up

Although there are many intertenancy wall options available never has it been so quick and easy to install inter-tenancy walls in the multi-res and duplex spaces thanks to Hebel.

Hebel lasts for many years and comes with a 20-year product warranty from the date of purchase. Hebel is a strong, solid and reliable choice for intertenancy walls.

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December 5, 2023

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