Polystyrene is changing the way we think about construction

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When we think of polystyrene, most of us imagine white cups at picnics that can be crushed between two fingers, picked apart and destroyed in seconds. Nothing could be further from those thoughts when it comes to the polystyrene used in construction – a lightweight material quickly gaining popularity for use in walls and trims.

Expanded polystyrene foam is used as a cladding system, ideal for residential and commercial construction. Available in panel form, known as EPS, it’s used for external walls, profiles and moulds. Polystyrene is lightweight but extremely strong once rendered and offers high insulation and thermal properties, termite resistance and fire retardant capabilities. The product is lightweight making it easy to handle and quick to install and clean up afterwards.

Lightweight construction specialists Empower Construction, supply and install only the best EPS on the market.

Ryan Steyn, Managing Director of Empower Construction says “We love working with EPS because of its high quality, strength and durability. Our clients are really impressed with the end result”.

EPS panels are made from high quality expanded polystyrene foam that displays high insulation values (R4 – R7). When used in conjunction with high-quality render, it creates a weatherproof barrier that delivers high thermal performance and a build of structural integrity.

With it being harder than ever for homeowners to enter the property market, they need to be sure they are making the right long-term choices. Residential developers and builders can assist by using EPS Facade Systems. The high insulation values of EPS can, over time, potentially save money on energy costs and slimline walls, allowing for more internal space.

This flexible product can be fixed to steel, timber or masonry surfaces and is adaptable to practically any shape, size or application, providing endless design opportunities. The cladding is more thermally efficient in comparison with other insulation materials because it’s installed on the outside of the frame so the wall cavity doesn’t get as hot in the summer or as cool in the winter.

It’s easy to install and with reduced construction times, you’ll be able to deliver the project earlier, saving time and money. By using a reputable installer such as Empower Construction, you not only have the benefit of their experience and expertise, you’re also covered by manufacturer warranties, giving you peace of mind.

Have a chat to us today to see how we can incorporate EPS into your next build!

Article by Julia Sampo

February 2, 2018

Julia has over 10 years of experience across the marketing field in the construction industry. Her passions include design, building innovation, as well as travel, and the culinary arts.

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