Multi-Res Project Specialists

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Multi-Res Project Specialist

Empower’s risk management strategy has always included a healthy balance of high-service need housing and multi-residential clients.

While our Area Supervisor model works well for our diverse housing client base we have recently changed things up to ensure superior service on our project work.

Each sizable project has either a dedicated Team Leader or Site Supervisor overseeing the quality and speed of the day to day work of our teams. Our Contracts Administrator, Sherwayn Donnelly is based onsite and in the office. Working closely with Ryan, our supervisors and client supervisors, he ensures that projects start smoothly and are delivered to quoted scope, schedule and budget. Sherwayn’s degree in Construction Management, his excellent communication and computer skills and his 5+ years experience as a CA with Lendlease and Parkview are invaluable in this role.





Our current site supervisors and team leaders working in the multi – resi space include:

  • Grant James (Leading Hand Carpenter)
  • Oday Abbasi (Licenced Builder)
  • Vinicius Alves (Bricklayer and Rigger/ Dogman)
  • Jacob Latorre (Leading Hand Carpenter)
  • James Buttigieg (Leading Hand Carpenter)
  • Jordan Young (Stonemason)

Currently / recently working on new medium to large sized multi resi projects with our valued clients on:

  • 3 x large projects comprising total of approx 300 townhouses in South West Sydney – 50mm Hebel party walls, 75mm external Hebel walls, render, paint, light weight FC cladding
  • 2 x projects (50+ dwellings) in South East Sydney 75mm Hebel external walls, render, paint, 50mm party walls, FC, render and paint
  • 3 x townhouse projects of (140+ dwellings) – 75mm Hebel external walls, FC, eaves, render, paint, 50mm party walls
  • 3 x retirement living projects (400+ dwellings) from Newcastle to Port Macquarie including hebel, polystyrene, render, paint, FC, architectural moulds

Call 1300 268 041 or email sales@empowerconstruction.com.au to ask Brendan, Liam, Shiven or Sian  to quote your next multi res project!


Article by Julia Sampo

October 28, 2020

Julia has over 10 years of experience across the marketing field in the construction industry. Her passions include design, building innovation, as well as travel, and the culinary arts.

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